Tips For Taking The Best Most Professional CV Photo


If you are in the job market and you are looking for a job, a good CV is very necessary. A well drafted CV shows your qualifications and how well suited are you in that particular job. But your CV can be more juicy if you add a professional photo to your CV. A good photo of a smiley face shows your potential employers more about your personality. They say that a picture is more than a thousand words. Read more Bewerbungsfotos München tips here.

Many to be your employers can construe a lot of information about your personality and character in general just by having a deeper look into your CV photo. It is therefore imperative that you take the best picture for your LinkedIn profile photo and CV photo. Here are a few tips on how to take the best professional photo for your CV.

Be Sure That There is Enough and Flattering Lighting While Taking the Photo

Lighting is one of the most important factors when taking any photo. Be it professional photography, or a selfie, make sure that there is sufficient lighting. Dim light will create a blurred photo which will paint a bad picture about you. It will even portray you as a gloomy person. Taking the best photo is like finding light and bathing on it. Check out more info on Bewerbungsfoto München at this website.

Natural light has proven to be the best while taking a professional photo. Find the perfect spot with enough penetration of natural light and position yourself well before taking the photo. Ensure that the streams of light hit directly unto your face and not sideways so as to avoid casting unwanted shadows around your eyes, mouth and nose.

Appropriate Attire and Photo Background

As the case is, this is a professional photo, it is therefore crucial that you dress appropriately and professionally. This is not the time to show-off your latest fashion of casual wear. Think something simple but professional. For instance, black, navy, or white top with simple accessories can do you little more than justice career wise. Also ensure that the background where you are taking the photo from doesn’t have weird features that will portray a bad impression about your personality.

Well-kempt Hair and Less Make-up

You may be a funny of make-up or shaggy hair, but this is not the time to show what type of make-ups you use on your face. Keep it simple. Your hair should be well kept or woven. Avoid weird hair-cuts that will portray you as a shaggy person. Remember employers are looking for someone who will be the perfect ambassador for their brand; hence your appearances will form an important part on your consideration.


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