CV Pictures 101


To include or not to include a photo on the CV is a question that many of us ask ourselves as we write our CVs. It is at times a gamble because it may set you apart from the other standard CVs or it may seem too unconventional for the tastes of the recruiter. I will tell you for a fact there are millions who have gotten a job with a CV with no photo while there are so many who have gotten the jobs they wanted with a CV that had their picture. This makes it hard to conclude a CV with a picture will get you a job or ruin your chances. However, there are some things that you need to know about pictures on CVs and application letters which will help you make the most of Pictures on your CV. Check out Fotograf Bewerbungsfoto to get started.

You need to know that pictures on resumes go with the territory which is to mean that you need to know about the company or the country that you are applying for a job in. This is because there are places or industries that embrace out-of-the-box ideas of writing a resume while there are those that prefer the resume to be very standard. In fact, there are places that if you use your picture, you will directly lose a fighting chance at getting the job so make sure that you know the company or country you are applying for a job in so that you do not include a photo that could disadvantage you.

If you put your photo on the CV, it is likely to catch the recruiter’s attention which will improve your odds of getting the job. Human beings are very visual which means if there are one thousand resumes without a picture and yours has a picture then there is a high chance that the recruiter will pick yours. Therefore, do not be afraid to take chances.

It is hard for someone to tell if you are credible from what you have written in your CV. The only way they will be able to tell how credible you are, is through the photo. It’s not even about what is in the photo but the fact that you were comfortable enough to include it on the resume. It shows that you are credible because if you were a shady character, then you would not have bothered to have it there. Visit this link for more info: professionelle Bewerbungsfotos.

These are a few things about photos on CVS and application letters that you ought to know.


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